Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not a Cover Reveal, but a Tentative Cover Art Reveal

I'm working with my cover designer David Leek on the cover for my upcoming near-future SF novel, Division. In Division, new technologies -- accelerated human cloning and brain transplants -- would make it possible for conjoined twins who could never be surgically separated to live separate lives. But only one twin wants such a life. . . .

I already got a great deal of help with image manipulation from a graphic designer friend, Michelle Hartz. She helped me turn two photographs of the same model into the conjoined twins Gordon and Johnny. David combined that image with an image of slightly separated puzzle pieces. How this art -- if I go with it -- will fit into an overall cover design remains to be seen.

(The background color is not necessarily final, and the whole image looks a bit warmer on this blog, for some reason. The outer edges of the puzzle pieces will probably be eliminated in some manner.)

So, what do y'all think -- of the art concept and the actual image? Please comment!