Sunday, July 10, 2016

Links to my books on Apple's iBooks, plus how to make your own links

Years ago, I knew how to find my books on Apple's iBooks, and then I somehow couldn't find them from my PC any more. Now, hallelujah! Someone has posted the link to the page where one can generate links to any product in any of Apple's stores. Here's that link.

And here are the links to all my current books (novels plus short stories).

--Twin-Bred (Revised Edition)

--Reach: a Twin-Bred novel

--Leaders: a Twin-Bred novel

--The Twin-Bred series: Books 1-3

--Wander Home

--"The Library" (short story set in same afterlife as Wander Home)


--"The Baby" (maybe-it-is, maybe-it-isn't set in same time, etc. as Division)

Playback Effect

And finally, my nonfiction resource for authors, would-be authors, law students, and anyone else who'd like to understand the American legal system better: --Closest to the Fire: A Writer's Guide to Law and Lawyers Happy reading!