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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Old dog performs new trick

There's a new link at the side of this page -- the link to my new lawyer web page. I started out using a form offered by the host, but that didn't allow me to include sample briefs for folks to look at. The host's technical support was too basic to help me out. So I found some primers about html and read some instructions the host had. And I figured out what to do! And did it! And added some italics, even!

To anyone under age 25, this will look like bragging about learning to wipe one's nose. But I'm a dinosaur twice that age, and though I started working with computers before most folks my age, this is only my second attempt to do anything with even the simplest html. So I am pleased with myself!

While I'm at it, I guess I'll add the link to my wedding-photographer web page. Yes, I have many talents. Or two heads. Or something.


Heidi said...

Fancy html stuff is cool.
Better, because it is not fancy, but just what is required.

See also my private e-mail, just sent.

Anonymous said...

Dinosaurs were actually very advanced creatures. Maybe if the Chicxulub Asteroid (the "Dinosaur Killer") had been a little smaller, some ancestor of Troodon would have been doing the equivalent of html 50 million years ago.

I expect that dinosaurs would have invented "law" also ...