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Saturday, April 08, 2006

slightly sheepish about Daylight Savings Time

I was adamantly and loudly opposed to Indiana's going on Daylight Savings Time -- especially if we were to remain in the Eastern time zone, where we don't really belong. I made a point of asking whether perhaps Gov. Mitch Daniels' mother should have said more often, "I don't care what all your friends are doing. If your friends were jumping off a cliff . . . ."

So I feel compelled to report that I am enjoying having light so late in the evening. Taking the puppy outside at 8 p.m. and not needing a flashlight is pretty neat.

I am still indignant on behalf of the schoolkids walking to, and standing at, school bus stops in darkness or near-dark. But I must acknowledge that I'm getting something good out of the change.

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Swampy said...

I've been following Indiana's (especially Southern Indiana) bout with time. I would like to see the whole state take a leap and identify themselves as Hoosiers. Compromising of time seems and odd thing to try, but my suggestion is looking to our neighbours [sic] to the North. More particular: Newfoundland. Their longitude doesn't quite fit the Atlantic Time Zone, so they added an extra 1/2 hour. Can you imagine television broadcasts always concluding t.v. show advertisements with: "9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific, and 8:30 Indiana."?

Too cool.