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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Need comments on possible book cover!

I hope I've succeeded in sending some people here from Goodreads. I would greatly appreciate some comments on whether either of the book covers shown above for my SF novel is a suitable cover for actual publication, or whether it's one or more of the following:

--artwork not sufficiently professional

--layout not sufficiently professional

--the wrong font for the text

--the wrong color for the text

--other text problems

--too much unused space

--too "creepy"

The version with the smaller planet is what I'd thought of using for the e-book, as the other is hard to read in thumbnail size.

Thanks for your input!


MzHartz said...

I think they are both suitably professional and good book covers.

This Bookworm Bytes said...

Personally I like the second of the two best, however they d feel a bit disturbing to me...

J.P. Hansen said...

They seem a little creepy to me, too. But maybe that's what you wanted.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the first one but both have what I think make a good ebook covers, simple art, primary colors, and large text. I did a post on covers today if you're interested in what I did for mine.

Unknown said...

Neither cover jumps out at me and says, "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS NOW!"

I had to look at the babies for a good minute or two before I realized one was an alien and one was a human.

Of the two, I'd say the title is easier to read on the first one. Maybe it's a trick of the eye, but it looks bigger to me. On top of that, I'd suggest making it longer to fill in a bit more of the blank space and make it even easier to read.

I like the graphic on the second one better. It looks more like two critters sharing some sort of magical womb. Though on that one it's harder to tell the left critter is the alien. The second set of arms is less distinct. Maybe if the glowy ball was a different, more contrasting color (bold red, green, or orange?)

The author name is basically illegible on both, so if you can make it bigger that'd be a good thing.

Hope that's useful.