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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book review -- Chicken Feed by Ellen Ghyll

As promised, here's my first book review!

Chicken Feed recounts a tumultuous few days in the lives of a number of people involved with what we in the U.S. would call a flea market.

Simply put, Chicken Feed is a fun read. The authors tangle and untangle the characters' lives in a lighthearted and somehow affectionate manner. The book introduces several memorable characters. The husband-and-wife "Ellen Ghyll" team have a gift for descriptive, revealing and amusing detail. Some hilarious scenes cry out for cinematic treatment. The book would make a terrific one- or two-part mini-series.

Chicken Feed could have used another run by a good copy editor to deal with occasional punctuation errors and awkward transitions. (In the Smashwords epub, there are apparently random shifts between black text and blue -- I don't know how noticeable this would be on a Kindle.) These are minor flaws that didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying the book.

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