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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Load up that ereader or tablet! - Wander Home free through year's end with coupon code

If you have a brand-new Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other device that makes reading ebooks easy, here's a start to filling it up: my new novel Wander Home is free in multiple formats on Smashwords through the end of 2012! Just use Smashwords coupon code HG55Q on Wander Home's Smashwords page.

If you download, and read, and like the book, please tell a friend about it!

Here's a bit about the book, if you'd like to know more before clicking through:

Death is what you make it. . . .

Eleanor never wanted to leave the daughter she loved so much. The overpowering urge to wander -- to search, without knowing what she sought -- drove her away. She left little Cassidy in her family's loving care. But Cassidy and the others died in an accident before Eleanor could find her way home.

Now, they are all reunited, in an afterlife where nothing is truly lost: places once loved may be revisited, memories relived and even shared. Surely this is a place where they can understand and heal. And yet, the restlessness that shaped Eleanor's life still haunts her in death. Somehow, she must solve the mystery of her life -- or none of them will be at peace.

Happy reading, and Happy New Year!

1 comment:

Roger Lawrence said...

I read and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I sadly lost it when I moved from Kindle to android tablet. I'll get it again if I can find a way.