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Friday, October 12, 2018

Another character interview from a previous book -- Cassidy from Wander Home

Here's another character interview rescued from disappearing blog links.

Cassidy is an important character in Wander Home. Wander Home is an afterlife fantasy, a family drama, and a mystery, with romance elements as well. (Whew.)

In the book's vision of the afterlife, you can be any age at any moment, depending on your mood and what you wish to do. You can also visit places you and others remember, and relive memories.

Cassidy died in early childhood, but assumes a range of ages in the afterlife. She is often a teenager.


1.   Cassidy, please tell us a little about your character.

I guess I'm a basically happy person. I think I was meant to be, anyway. I like to meet people, and they seem to like me when I do. There are some things I get angry or sad about, when I let myself think about them.

2.      Who is your best friend? 

That's kind of complicated. My only friends from before -- from when I was alive -- are Grandma Sarah and Grandpa Jack and my great-grandma Amanda. I wouldn't have called them "friends," before -- but now, we can all be the same age and play together, if we want, and we do that pretty often.

I've made lots of new friends, and probably my best friend I've met here is Becca. We do all sorts of things, at all sorts of ages. And when one of us is sad, the other one slips old enough to comfort her and take care of her.

3.      Now be honest, how is it working with Author Karen A. Wyle?

I don't always like the things she makes me remember. But she sent me to some pretty awesome places. And she brought my mother back. That matters more than anything -- even if things were more complicated and harder than I thought they would be.

4.      Is there a special someone in your life?  Tell us a bit about them.

I'm not exactly sure. Becca and I are really close, and sometimes we make each other's bodies feel good. I haven't done that with very many people. But we're not each other's special someone the way Grandma and Grandpa are special to each other.

Most of the couples I know came here as couples already, even if one of them had to wait a long time for the other. But some people pair up here, and I guess that might happen to me.

5.      What’s a secret you can share with us?

Sometimes I kind of wish I could have a baby of my own, some day. I won't get to do that. I'll probably take care of some of the babies that come here, and help them learn how to be kids and grownups.

6.      What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to do so many things! I ride horses, and I climb anything I can find to climb, and I go new places -- lots of places -- and I dance, and I watch Great-Grandma dance, and I talk to Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Grandma about all the things they did in their lives.

7.      What is your most embarrassing memory?

It's in Wander Home. I misunderstood something, and got really mad at my mom about it. I feel like an idiot when I remember that.

8.      Where can readers find out more about you and your author?

Karen has a website at She doesn't take care of it very well, though. It tends to stay the same until something big happens, like a new book. Sometimes she remembers to put up new interviews and reviews and such. She's better about her Facebook author page, at She reposts articles that writers or readers might like, and puts up bits of her books. And she's on Twitter as @KarenAWyle.

9.      Where can they find books about you?

So far, I'm only in Wander Home and in a story called "The Library." The story happens before Wander Home does, and it's mainly about another girl named Rachel, but we meet in the library, and I try to help her a little.

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