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Monday, January 16, 2012

An Open Letter to Jon Huntsman

Dear Governor Huntsman:

Please accept my sympathy on the occasion of your withdrawal from the presidential campaign. I believe your experience was undervalued, and I thank you for your willingness to serve.

You may well believe that Romney has unfairly been cast as the most "electable" of the Republicans running. I have no doubt that liberal and moderate Democratic voters would have considered you the least unacceptable Republican candidate. The problem, I suppose, is that such a status foreseeably does little good in the general election when these voters have an actual Democrat to vote for.

If you have a period of more leisure now that you have left the campaign, I respectfully suggest that you further investigate the issue of global warming, so that you will not again embarrass yourself by equating global warming skeptics with anti-evolution crusaders or by implying that there is a clear scientific consensus in favor of alarming and anthropogenic global warming. This is not, as in the case of civil unions, an issue on which your opposition is driven largely by ignorance or prejudice.

Please see this earlier blog post (from October 2010) for some good sources:

Global Warming, Skepticism, and the Liberal Mindset

A slightly more recent example of scientific disagreement as to the meaning of relevant data may be found  in this December 2010 article from Reason magazine. See also this July 2011 article from Forbes magazine, relating how new data from NASA shows far more heat escaping Earth's atmosphere than alarmist AGW models had predicted.

Well, that should get you started. The best of luck in your political and personal future.

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Unknown said...

Very nice. Wish I'd thought of it.