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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Silly poems I wrote for my daughter

When my older daughter was around 8 years old, she had a computer program in which she could "write a book" by making drawings and typing accompanying text onto a screen that looked like lined paper. She was already an artist, and for a while she would do a drawing and I would write a silly poem to accompany it. I decided last night that it might be fun to post one of those poems from time to time. Here's my favorite, which I may never use in a published picture book because it includes one word that most children probably don't know.

Gooey globs of last year's lunch
Fossil feasts you used to munch
All the unremoved detritus
Of Don'twannabrusheeyitis
This is what you need a tool for
This is to clean up your drool for
If I haven't made it clear --
Please go brush your teeth, my dear!


Roger Lawrence said...

Elegant poem.
It would take more than nice words to make my daughter brush her teeth. Probably a whip.

I look forward to your next post.

Donna Yates said...

Now, this is just way too cute. I loved it.

Michelle Hartz, Ph.Z. said...

I love it! Sounds very Shel Silverstein.

cessie said...

Aaaahhh so sweet this! Love it :)