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Monday, August 20, 2012

Republicans Need to Stop Defending Akin

Since Representative and would-be Senator Todd Akin came out with his moronic comments about how women's bodies reject the sperm of rapists (I paraphrase, but do not distort), I've seen a number of tweeted attempts at damage control. Most of these compare the harmful effects of Democratic policies and opine that these dwarf the importance of Akin's statement.

I know how important it is for Republicans, and for Independent fiscal conservatives, to get a majority in the Senate. But there's a limit. Akin revealed ignorance of a dangerous, offensive and toxic nature. Unless he demonstrates that he has learned something profound from the public reaction -- and I'd love to see that happen -- he should lose any election in which he's running.

1 comment:

Danusha V. Goska said...

Dump him. He's beyond salvation or excuse, no matter his party. Let him learn how to be human on his own time.