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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Someone needs to produce this car seat and save some lives

Another summer, and more children's lives lost when parents -- generally parents whose routine has been disrupted in some way -- forget a young child in the back seat of a car, and don't remember until too late. I've done a bit of reading about this horrific situation, and it can happen to loving, conscientious parents under particular circumstances.

I read something somewhere about the idea of having cars that would sound an alarm if there were weight in a car seat and the interior temperature went above some set amount. That's a beginning -- but current technology would let us do better. Why not have a car seat with a built in thermometer and a built in cell phone (GPS included)? If there's a child-shaped object in the seat, AND the temperature gets too high, the phone could call 911 or some other emergency responder with a pre-programmed message explaining that the situation and inserting the location.

I'm not trying to patent this idea. I'm hoping people will re-post it until someone with some connection to the right company can take it and run with it. If you think this idea makes sense and could save lives, please spread it around!

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